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Shankar pharmacy established in 1962 by Dr K.S. Gangadharan is one of the well-known company in Kerala with a rich heritage of over 50 years with over 300 classical and patent formulations, several branches, panchakarma centres, herbal garden and its own manufacturing unit. Shankar pharmacy has established a name of its own. Years of experience and research was diverted for treating gastro intestinal tract disorders helped Dr Gangadharan to formulate the now famous medicines like ulset and Amrita Bindu. A production unit was set up to meet the increasing demand for the medicines.

Ayurveda Kizhi

A busy and successful physician by now he planned to expand his treatment and earnestly wanted to get an opportunity serve the poor also. Thus in1962 Shankar Pharmacy was founded at Manjummal, Ernakulam District. The pharmacy is named after his father “Shankaran”.Dr Gangadharan has done extensive research in Ayurveda to enhance Ayurvedic medicines to suite the modern world. He is well known for his healing touch and made him very popular in India and abroad. His special combination for stomach disorders are very effective.



Ayurveda” Knowledge of life” or Ayurveda medicine is a system of medicine with historical root in the Indian subcontinent. The main classical Ayurveda treatises begin with legendary accounts of the transmission of medical knowledge from the Gods to Sages, and thence to human physicians. Thus the Sushruta Samhita narrate how “Dhanvantari” “Greatest of the mighty celestia” incarnated himself as divodasa,a mythical king of Varanasi,who then taught medicine to a group of wise physicians including sushruta himself.

Ayu: kamayamanena dharamartha sughasadhanam

Ayurveda Upadhesheshu vidheya: Parama dhara:

Ayurveda gives you a deep realization of the purpose and form of our existence and helps achieve the Dharma, Artha, Kamaa and Moksha .It is an excellent path to transformation of lives and enlightenment of the prana. The basic principal of Ayurveda deals with the natural way of living a healthy life. People are understanding how difficult is to survive in today’s world without any disease .Here lies the significance of Ayurveda , which teaches the perfect way of leading a healthy life. The Knowledge of Ayurveda is divided into 8 parts. Hence it is also known as “Ashtanga Ayurveda.”

To understand the uniqueness of every individual is the very basis of Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda all Humans are governed by 3 vital principles, which regulates and control the biological functions. They are Vata, Pitha and Kapha. According to Ayurveda doshas are of vital importance because they are responsible for coordinating, guiding and directing all the structures and substances of the body. Proper understanding and knowledge of the doshas gives us the understanding of the functioning of the intelligence that commands the dhatus (body tissue) and malas (waste products) and give the body its vast functional capability. The theory of 3 doshas is the basic foundation of Ayurveda science and its diagnosis and treatment modalities.

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A holistic approach to balance the athma indriya and mana, considering body as whole giving apt treatments to mitigate the doshas and dushyas , we strive to prefect our treatments for gastro intestinal tract disorders.

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Customer’s satisfaction is the basic business policy of our organisation and we are committed to produce and supply quality products that comply our customer requirements and improvement.

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Shankar Pharmacy is specialised in giving holistic non-surgical ayurvedic care for gastro intestinal tract disorders with specialised time tested products like ulset and amrita bindu. Patients from different parts of south India are being treated here for the past six decades.

Ayurveda Kizhi

The Spirit Of Ayurveda

through the Years

Charaka,the great Acharya of Ayurveda says "A potent poison becomes the best drug on proper administration .on the contrary even the best drug becomes a potent poison if used badly."

Dr Gangadharan conceived these words to the fullest and is adamant about the quality of the medicines. Shankar pharmacy took first step in the year 1962 and still going never compromised with the quality of the medicines. The acolytes of Dr K.S. Gangadharan also took the oath to maintain the stringent quality standards and thrive hard to be like a physician as per Charaka’s words.

“A physician who fails to enter the body of a patient with the lamp of knowledge and understanding can never treat diseases.He should first study all the factors including environment which influence a patient’s disease and then prescribe treatment. It is more important to prevent the occurrence of disease than to seek cure.

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Since 1989

A herbal remedy for your gastric complaints

The last decade has been a boom for the ayurvedic industry taking it to international level. Safety is now a major concern. Keeping this in mind we have developed Amritabindu as a purely ayurvedic medicine which has no side effects and can be taken for prolonged periods.

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Our Mission

“Om namo bhagavate
Vasudevaya dhanvantaraya
Amrutha kalasa hasthaaya
Sarvamaya vinasanaya
Thri lokya nadhaya
Sri mahavishnave namaha”

Bowing to the lord of Ayurveda we are empowered to heal the jiva souls.


What Our Clients Say


I take this opportunity to congratulate your good product DANDRUX OIL. I am suffering from dandruff since long. After using your product I got maximum relief and relaxation in a month. I am a soldier now serving in Agra. Thank you very much and wish you a bright future.


Right form the month of May 2015 I suffered from gastritis and took almost all tablets. Recently I started taking AMRITABINDU SYRUP and it has given good relief. Now I have stopped taking all other medicines. Thanks a lot.


At an outset my sincere thanks to you and your organisation for the invaluable product DANDRUX OIL that could cure my obstinate dandruff when all other medicines failed. With a word of mouth this product is now in fame in Jamnagar.


Your product AMRITA BINDU is very effective which I am consuming since a week. Kindly let me know whether you are manufacturing diabetes medicine for Diabetics, if so advice title of such product and in which pharmacy it is available.

-H Khan