The important ingredients to be noted in ULSET are navagasagara sudhi, kanjiram, aswagandha, irattimadhuram, honey etc..

This medicine contains active principles like brucine, strychnine which helps in healing the ulcers and destroying the bacteria involved in the formation of these ulcers (like hpylori). Navasagara is an excellent antacid available naturally, which helps to cure the
Symptoms due to acidity like chest burn, sour eructation, belching etc. An alkaloid called somniferon found in ashwagandha along with other medicines like irattimadhuram which contain glycyrrhizin which has a soothing action on ulcers, decreases the irritability of the nerves and prevent over secretion of the glands. Drugs like pippali, sunthi (chukku),ela etc are well known carminatives. This medicine also has some antiseptic action due to the presence of drugs like kattarvazha . Honey is another important product which improves peristalsis, improves appitite and digestion.

All these together along with the other drugs give an excellent result when given in patients suffering from all kinds of ulcers (gastric, duodenal etc), acid peptic diseases (APD), and the symptoms associated with it. Result has been found even in patients suffering from amoebiasis and ulcerative colitis.

Clinical trials: Shankar pharmacy has done extensive studies before this product was brought out for marketing. Almost 87% of the patients responded positively when administered with ulset, showing some kind of improvement in their symptoms related to stomach. Among this 17% of the patients showed a slight increase in symptoms like pain and burning sensation (This is due to the healing process of the ulcers) However about 8% of the patients were neutral showing no increase or decrease in symptoms. 3% discontinued the treatment due to some reasons unknown. 2% of the patients showed intolerance to the medicine and complained of increase in their symptoms.

Safety: The last decade has been a boom for the ayurvedic industry taking it to international level and safety is now a major concern. Ulset is a purely ayurvedic medicine which has no side effects and can be taken for prolonged periods. However in some cases there is a little weight loss when taken for months together. Pregnant women and lactating women can use this safely provided they use it as per the directions given.

Over dose: Since it contains drugs like kanjiram , navasaram it is not advisable to consume the product more than the allowed dosage. It may lead to giddiness, fainting,
And head ache.

Conclusion: An ayurvedic medicine perfected by time is an excellent remedy for all kinds of abdominal problems like ulcer( gastric and duodenal) , acidity, APD’s, colitis, amoebiasis etc.

Note: the syrup showed better result when compared to the capsules. Navasara and some other products are not included in ulset capsule