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Asthapana vasti

Asthapana vasti

Asthapana vasti is a procedure in which a suitable decoction along with oil, honey, herbal powders and saindava(salt) is administered through the anal route. This therapy helps in expelling the toxins and morbidity, thus enhancing the health and longevity of the body. In this type of vasti, the quantity of medicine that is administered is more, and is usually not supposed to be retained in the body for a longer period.

The decoction is selected according to the condition of the disease. After proper analysis of the disease and the patient’s body constitutions, the medicine is administered through the anal route. The procedure should be done in empty stomach. After administering the medicine, the patient is made to lie comfortably till there occurs the urge to defecate. Normally the medicine should not be retained for a longer time period.

Benefits :-

It is highly beneficial in conditions like –

  • Back pain
  • Obstruction of flatus
  • Constipation
  • Rheumatoid diseases
  • Colicky pain