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Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease manifested as patchy skin. The disease affects both genders equally, and can occur at any age groups. Among them, about one-third may suffer moderate to severe manifestations. Early onset (prior to age 15) is associated with more severe illness, and is most likely to have a positive family history. The lesions of Psoriasis are sharply demarcated with erythmatous plaque with silvery white scales. The disease is not contagious.

Ayurvedic View

Indulgence in incompactible food and drinks, food which are hard to digest, supressing the urge to vomit, too much exposure to heat immediately after food intake, use of uncooked food, improper administration of five purificatory therapies, intake of over sour and salty food etc make for increase of all three doshas and derrangement in twak (skin), rakta (blood), mamsa (muscular tissue) and body fluids.


  • Genetic factors
  • Life style and stress
  • Injury to skin (cuts, bites, sunburns)
  • Smoking and excess alcohol consumption
  • Chronic infection ( Strep throat or thrush)
  • Excess dryness of skin
  • Certain medications for long duration (beta-blockers, ibuprofen etc)