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Rheumaset Capsules 1 box (10 Strips)


Arthritis literally means “joint inflammation”, it can generally be classified in to two, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, where the former refers to a degeneration of the joints due to wear and tear the latter is an autoimmune disease.

We have about 30 different medicines formulated to form this medicine. In the classic texts of ayurveda a medicine called mahayogeraja guggulu is mentioned as one of the most apt drug for vatic manifestations. We have borrowed most of the medicines from that incredible yoga and made it even better by adding some more potent medicines and removing the less potent ones. Also the bhasmas which are present has been reduced in quantity so that there will be no toxicity to the kidneys. Here resins like guggulu and kayam are worth special mentioning. Volatile oils like myrrhol and other volatile oil, turpens found in asafoetida, have proved to be good anti-inflammatory agents and effectively control the pain. Although bhasmas are added in the yoga, care has been taken so that it gives the maximum action, and remains non-toxic.

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