Ayurveda BG



Virechanam (purgation therapy) is the second eliminating therapy explained in panchakarma. It helps in expulsion of morbid doshas, especially the vitiated pitta through the anal route.

The metabolic wastes from the thoracic region are eliminated through this procedure. Virechana is a patient-friendly and a painless procedure in comparison to other panchakarma. The medicines usually used are irritant purgatives which increase the rate of peristalsis, as a result of which the absorption rate is limited, and the feces reaches the rectum soon. Based on the severity of the condition, virechanam can be mild, moderate or drastic.

The patient should be given deepana and pachana (carminative and digestive) medicines for 2-7 days to promote the digestive power. It is followed by intake of unctuous medicines for 7days. On the 8 th day, massage and formentation therapy is done. The next day, virechana medicines are given in empty stomach. The patient then undergoes painless bouts followed by feeling of lightness in the body. After the proper virechana karma, the patient is subjected to follow a strict scheduled diet.


  • Kindling of digestive power and enhancement of strength and longevity is assured
  • Removes the accumulated morbid metabolic wastes in the body
  • In bleeding disorders through the upper orifices
  • In conditions like fistula, hemorrhoids, cellulitis etc
  • In skin diseases and eruptions