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Sthanya Syrup


A syrup based formulation for lactating mothers and a healthy uterus.

This syrup based formulation contains ingredients like ashoka, lodhra, sathavari, musai, vidari, ashwagandha etc. Ashoka is a well-known drug to us. It has a direct action on the uterine muscle fibres and has a stimulating effect on the endometrium. Lodra and vidari are good coolants. Satavari is an excellent galactogauge, anti-spasmodic and refrigerant. Curculigo ( musali ) acts as a restorative tonic along with ashwagandha.

These medicines combined in a specific ratio gives good results for diseases pertaining to uterus. It shows good results in patients suffering from DUB, dysmenorrhea, white discharge etc. and a good tonic for the uterus (unless these diseases are not caused as a secondary disease to any other serious problems which need immediate medical intervention).

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