Ayurveda BG

Renal Calculi


Renal calculi occurs when crystalline particles(water insoluble) occurs in the uirnary tract. The crystalline components maybe calcium oxalate, struvite or uric acid. The disease more commonly manifests in males than in females. The main cause is found to be dehydration. Severe excrutiating pain is left from the flanks to the groin region. The peak age group is between 20-35.

Ayurvedic View

When the vata dosha covers the mouth of the bladder, and dries up the urine(inside); the urine gets mixed with pitta and kapha. This gives rise to formation of calculi. The general symptoms include pain near the umblicus, disrupted urine flow, and pain become severe during micturition.


  • Low urine flow
  • Very concentrated urine
  • Dehydration
  • Increase of certain waste products in urine
  • Hot climate
  • Insufficient intake of water and other fluids
  • Family history
  • Diseases such as irritable bowel disease
  • Conditions like hypercalcuria

Signs & Symptoms

  • Sudden severe, excrutiating and intermittent pain radiating from flank to inner thigh
  • Restlessness and sweating
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Pain during micturition


  • Physical examination
  • Urine analysis to detect :-
    • infection
    • RBC
    • Crystals
  • Radiological examination :-
    • X-ray
    • CT scan
    • Ultrasonography