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Vamanam or emetic therapy is the first therapy among the sodhana karma (elimination therapy) explained in panchakarma. It eliminates the morbid doshas through oral route.

Due to the penetrating, irritating and quick spreading nature of the vamana medicines; the toxins, GI tract irritants and metabolic wastes are eliminated out. The morbid doshas are being brought to the koshta(GIT) with the help of snehana karma (oleation) and swedana karma (formentation) preceding the vamana procedure. Expulsion of vitiated kapha, pitta and vata in the successive order without any hinderance marks the characteristic feature of proper vamana karma.

After proper snehana and swedana karma (oleation and formentation) the patient is given kapha-increasing diet on the day prior to vamanam. On the day of procedure, the patient is given a light liquid diet of gruel, ghee or milk. Then the required medicinal combination is given preceded by intake of large quantity of milk or cane- juice. Vomiting should not be forced. After the procedure is successfully completed, the patient is made to rest for about 30-45 min, and is subjected to inhalation of medicinal smokes, followed by proper scheduled diet.


  • Its highly beneficial in diseases of excessively vitiated kapha
  • Diseases of head and neck
  • Cough and dyspnoea
  • Bleeding disorders through the lower orifices
  • Skin diseases
  • In case of intake of poisons or toxins