Ayurveda BG



Administration of medicines through the nasal route is defined as nasyam (nasal errhines). The nasal passage is said to be the gateway to head. The mucosal epithelium of nose is sensitive to a variety of stimuli.

Permeating through this aperture, it helps in curing many diseases. Based on its therapeutic action, nasyam is of three types:- rechana(eliminative), tarpana or brahmana(nourishing) and samana(palliative). Medicated oil, ghee, herbal paste, extracted medicinal juice, finely powdered herbal drugs, smokes of medicinal substances are used for nasyam according to the condition of patient.

The patient is made to lie on his back. Then, the face and neck is anointed with lukewarm oil and massaged gently. Then the medicinal oil is instilled into each nostril. After instilling, massage the soles, shoulders, palms and ears. He should be made to lie till the phlegm and entire medicine gets filled in the throat, and this is made to spit out. After the nasyam procedure, he should lie on his back for a small duration, and is made to inhale herbal smoke and gargle with lukewarm water for cleansing the throat.


  • By habitual administration of nasyam; clarity of skin and delaying of graying of hair can be maintained
  • Nasyam can be used in conditions like:-
    • Headache
    • Diseases of oral cavity
    • Diseases of scalp and hair
    • Diseases of throat
    • Neck and shoulder problems
    • In cervical spondylosis
    • Some skin diseases